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ISOs (or International Standards) are woven into our lives as a trusted symbol of quality.  You come into contact with ISO standards on a daily basis without even realising it.  Hundreds of signs and symbols cross language barriers to communicate important messages, from your credit card number to the stop signs in the road.

By becoming ISO certified, your business gains a similar level of international recognition as meeting the standards that are important to your industry.  It shows commitment to those standards. It might be commitment to a high standard of quality management through ISO 9001 or reducing your organisation’s environmental impact through ISO 14001 or commitment to keeping clients’ and staff data secure through ISO 27001.  It’s a commitment that can be recognised by potential customers, existing customers and your staff.

The process of gaining ISO certification is in itself a way to improve your business adios COMPLIANCE can help you every step of the way.  Our fixed fee approach allows you to calculate the cost/benefit of ISO certification to your business. Our experienced assessors have a flexible approach that will help you to produce a set of procedures that are tailored to your business objectives.

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The ISO 27001 Certification Process can be intimidating. Our expertise is in getting you fully prepared for your ISO 27001 certification, but the process doesn’t end there as we can provide support throughout the remaining steps required to be  certified

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Steps for Getting Certified I.C. Support (if required)

Preparation for ISO 27001 Certification iso compliance ISO 27001 certification consulting services have positioned dozens of our clients for successful certification. Click here for more about our consulting services.

Registrar Selection An ISO registrar will conduct the required information security audits and issue your ISO 27001 certification. Selecting the right registrar can reduce your costs and/or increase the likelihood of certification success. PPS works with you to select the best registrars, fills out the required questionnaires, and assists in the registrar selection process.

Preliminary Screening Most registrars will perform a quick review of the documented ISMS to determine whether it meets the requirements of the standard, prior to scheduling the formal certification audit. This is done to ensure that neither your or their time/money is wasted on a formal audit if the ISMS is not ready. So compliance’s proven ISO/IEC 27001 consulting process generates the necessary artefacts to ensure your readiness for the certification audit.

Stage 1 ISO 27001 Certification Audit During Stage 1 of the certification audit (also commonly referred to as the table top audit) an extensive review of the ISMS documentation is conducted. This process generally extends over 2 – 3 days with the outcome being a report on preliminary “failures” (referred to as either major or minor non-conformities). If the ISMS documentation fails to meet the required standard, the Registrar will require corrective action (or corrective action plans) before proceeding to Stage 2. PPS often provides on-site Stage 1 Certification Audit Support. That is, we are at the table, as a member of your team, working with you and on your behalf. The advantage of this approach is that having an ISMS expert there to explain subtleties of your ISMS reduces the likelihood that an auditor will issue a non-conformity. If the registrar is considering issuing a non-conformity, it is often possible to update the ISMS documentation during the Stage 1 audit to prevent a non-conformity.

Stage 2 ISO 27001 Certification Audit During Stage 2 of the certification audit (commonly referred to as the compliance audit) the registrar will examine evidence that the ISMS is operating effectively, consistently, and in compliance with the organization’s documented ISMS (which has already been validated to meets the requirements of ISO 27001 during Stage 1).PPS often provides onsite Stage 2 Certification Support. We are present at the different sites/locations that the auditor samples, as a member of your team, working with you and on your behalf. Having an ISMS expert on hand to explain the evidence (or “appropriate” lack thereof) reduces the likelihood that an auditor will issue a non-conformity.

Download Your Free ISO 27001 Roadmap

ISO 27001 Roadmap Download Click here to be taken to our download page and claim your ISO 27001 Roadmap. This resource is a simple .pdf that is free to download and will walk you through every step of the certification process

Our approach to ISO certification is based on a set of key principles:

• We operate a fixed fee structure. ISO implementation is priced at a fixed rate from day one. No hidden charges, no unexpected invoices.

• The flexible nature of our ISO implementation is designed to fit around your business requirement and schedule.

• ISO COMPLIANCE guarantees that the highly qualified and trained Assessor assigned to work with your business will be the same throughout the process in order to sustain continuity.

• Implementation of the ISO framework is based on your organisation’s existing systems. We simply look to improve the systems currently operating.

• We provide full implementation and aim to ensure that your journey to ISO certification is trouble free.

Find out more about the steps to certification . . .

So much more than just ISO  27001

ISOs cover more than generic management systems; ISO certification can help a wide variety of businesses demonstrate their commitment to compliance and standards:

ISO 14001

Environmental Management

For any company concerned with reducing its carbon footprint and improving waste management

ISO 27001

Information & Data Security

For any company holding significant amounts of personal or business critical data

ISO 22301

Business Continuity

For any company requiring robust business systems to withstand disruption or disaster

ISO 20000-1

IT Service Management

For any company concerned with robust and effective management of IT resources


Founded in 2001ISO COMPLIANCE has grown to become an international market leader in supporting organisations to gain ISO certification. We have helped over 10,000 businesses achieve international standards, across a wide range of business sectors. We have offices in 20 countries, and can draw on a wealth of experience to help your business.

Find out more about ISO COMPLIANCE or contact an assessor to find out more.

Advantages of Certification

When your company holds ISO Certification, it is telling its customers, prospects and suppliers that it has a logical and documented management system to ensure that its PRODUCTS OR SERVICES conform to the customer’s expectations.

ISO certified companies have profit margins significantly higher than their industry averages

• Potential 15-20% savings

• Increased efficiency

• Supply chain advantages

• Better management control

• Powerful marketing tool

• Internationally respected and recognized

Elevate Your Reputation with ISO Certification Iso Compliance Can Help.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it has never been more important to demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety, reliability and above all, quality. One way to do achieve this is by implementing ISO standards. And a great place to start is right here, with ISO COMPLIANCE.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification is designed to enable you to improve the way your organization operates. Whether your company is large or small, private or public, implementing a quality management system across your organization provides invaluable benefits that include:

Optimized operations for cost effectiveness

Enhanced customer satisfaction by improving and ensuring quality

Access to new markets by reducing trade barriers and opening up global markets

Increased productivity and competitive advantage

Reduced negative impacts on the environment

Consistency of internal processes across departments

“We looked at a few companies before deciding on ISO COMPLIANCE, we finally decided on them because of the fact that it has a complete package, which just made things so much easier to work out.”

Rob Ruehle, Vice President of Sales, Liquid 8 Technology Incorporated

ISO COMPLIANCEmakes ISO certification easy. Our team of experts will guide you through an ISO certification process that is simple, streamlined and flexible. Learn more about what ISO standards can do for your company today.

The IISO COMPLIANCE Approach That’s Built Around Your Business

ISO COMPLIANCE will help your company attain ISO certification through a key set of principles aimed at creating balance and sustained results. The So Compliance full-implementation approach includes:

A fixed fee for your organization’s ISO implementation that’s established on day one. There are no hidden charges or unexpected invoices

Flexible ISO implementation designed to fit around your business needs and schedule

Assurance that the consultant assigned to your business will be the same throughout the ISO implementation process to maintain continuity and consistency

Improving your company’s existing systems by building the ISO implementation framework around them

“There are a lot of companies out there that offer certification services, but what I found attractive about ISO COMPLIANCEwas its fixed fee policy. There were several other competitors that I looked at but they planned to have people come in and charge us for hotel rooms and airport travel, etc. Iso Compliance’s fixed fee policy was much more appealing.” Apollo Displays was also impressed with the fact that ISO COMPLIANCEhas local assessors and didn’t need to fly representatives in: “It was great to know that if we needed to communicate or touch base on something, our rep could easily stop by.”

Gordon Newman, Quality Manager, Apollo Display Technologies Corporation

To explore theISO COMPLIANCE approach and discuss how it can meet your company’s needs, contac tISO COMPLIANCE today.

Perhaps the best reason to seek certification is to improve your company operations. Read how ISO certification and ISO COMPLIANCE’s process has helped the following companies do just that.

The West Wireless Health Institute, a leading provider of affordable healthcare solutions, understood obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification was a priority since it deals with confidential medical records. IT Director Charles Benson explained that the ISO certifications were the best way to ensure they were conforming to everything. They reduced risk and gave them the assurance that they can defend themselves in legal action. Charles said the certification process was relatively simple and he was impressed with the dedication and attention to ISO COMPLIANCE staff. “We had good level settings with IMSM, we felt like we were their only client at the time,” he said.

Innovative Engineering Solutions is a full-service engineering company that works directly for companies that include Boeing, Lockheed Martin and NASA. The company became ISO 9001 certified because customers began to request and demand the ISO stamp of approval as the company expanded. David believes the ISO is going to have a big impact on the company’s internal processes. “We’re already seeing that the ISO is providing us with much-needed consistency,” he said.

For more on how IMSM’s ISO certification can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s operations, contact ISO COMPLIANCE today.


ISO 27001 Cost Factors

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 Consulting Services

ISO 27001 Resources

What is ISO 27001?

Steps for Getting Certified

The cost of developing and certifying an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) depends upon four key factors: ISMS scope, ISMS Gap, your organizational capacity to close that gap, and your “desired certification timeframe” (how quickly you need to be certified). These factors influence all three cost elements of an ISO 27001 certification effort: organizational resource costs (e.g., time), consulting costs (e.g., outside support needed to be ready for certification), and certification audit cost (e.g., the cost for the registrar to conduct the audit and issue the certificate).

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ISMS Scope

An ISO 27001 certificate covers a defined “scope,” which for most ISO 27001 certified companies is a subset of the entire organization that processes high-risk data. Scope is generally defined in terms of the organization, the assets being protected, and the technology being used (e.g., networks, servers, applications). However, this often yields some confusion because the way you arrive at these “definitions” is not by selection, but rather by understanding the risks and required controls to mitigate those risks for the information assets being protected.

For example, one of our clients is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application vendor that also supports an enterprise (on premise) deployment model. They chose to restrict the initial ISMS scope to the SaaS offering to reduce the initial complexity/cost to achieve certification. Including the on premise model incorporated a number of risks (e.g., controlling/monitoring the VPN connection required to support clients, encryption of customer service laptops used onsite, rollback procedures for failed upgrades) that they did not yet have good controls in place for. The larger the scope the greater the internal and consulting cost for prepare for the certification audit, and the greater the cost to conduct it.

There are two additional “hidden” elements of scope that can increase cost: organizational size, and risk/risk tolerance. We find that even with equivalent scope, the increased segregation of function in a larger organization increases the number of touch points and complexity. Similarly, high risk (or risk intolerant) organizations require greater levels of controls to ensure that risks are reduced to an acceptable level.

Guidance: Make the scope as small as possible during your initial certification audit, while still making it broad enough to satisfy the stakeholders receiving the certificate.


ISO 27001 is essentially an Information Security Risk Management Framework. Once the preliminary scope is established, you conduct a Risk Assessment to understand risk and develop a corresponding Risk Treatment Plan that, if fully implemented, reduces identified risks to a level deemed acceptable by senior management. The ISMS Gap is the delta between “what should be” (the Risk Treatment Plan) and “what is” (your current ISMS). Generally, that delta is measured via a Gap Assessment that produces a “Gap Remediation Plan,” which is a detailed list of things that need to be done in order to be ready for certification. The larger the gap, the more work needs to be done, and the greater the internal and consulting costs for prepare for the certification audit.

Guidance: ISMS scoping and Gap Assessment are ideally done in an iterative manner. If you use a Secure Data Flow Diagramming style approach to scope determination, you become aware of risks early enough in the process to provide scoping input.

Organizational Capacity

There are two elements that impact your organizational capacity to close gaps: resource skill set and resource capacity. Resource capacity is your team’s availability to do what needs to be done in the required timeframe while still addressing business as usual. Resource skill set is your team’s knowledge in the subject areas critical to developing an ISMS (e.g., Risk Assessment, Policy/Procedures/Standards development, Security Metrics, Internal Auditing). The larger the gap between your team’s knowledge and availability and the skills/time required to develop your ISMS in the desired timeframe, the greater the internal and consulting cost to prepare for the certification audit.

Guidance: Failing to account for key individuals’ “business as usual” commitments is the single largest cause of ISO 27001 projects being over budget and/or behind schedule.

Certification “Deadline” (Project Schedule)

Scope, gap, and resource availability are all linked to schedule. The faster you need to become certified, the more the process will disrupt your business and/or the more reliant you will be on your ISO 27001 consulting firm. Much like software development, the “good, fast, cheap” iron triangle holds true. If possible, extending the project schedule to a timeframe that gives your team the ability to be integral to the development of the ISMS will reduce cost and improve quality while reducing the risk to business as usual.

Guidance: If you are considering a short ISO 27001 timeframe (e.g., 9 months or less), ensure that the business risk associated with failing to get certified in that timeframe is greater than the risks associated with the compressed timeframe (e.g., negative impact on operations/personnel, increase cost, reduced quality).

Download Your Free ISO 27001 Roadmap

ISO 27001 Roadmap Download Click here to be taken to our download page and claim your ISO 27001 Roadmap. This resource is a simple .pdf that is free to download and will walk you through every step of the certification process.

Download the Roadmap

ISO 27001 Roadmap

ISO 27001 Roadmap

ISO 27001 is manageable and not out of reach for anyone! It’s a process made up of things you already know – and things you may already be doing.

ISO 22301 Roadmap

ISO 22301 Roadmap

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