ISO 27001

Business Challenge

Today, organisations are increasingly vulnerable to security threats as our dependence on information systems grows ever greater. It is vital that your organisation applies the appropriate controls to manage the risks associated with information and data and demonstrate that you are preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of those assets for clients, shareholders and society as a whole. Information is an important and valuable asset to an organisation, it requires stringent protection.


Business Solution

ISO 27001 Information and Data Security offers a comprehensive set of controls, based on best practice in information security, comprising of components such as confidentiality, integrity and availability.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). It is applicable to any organisation where the misuse, corruption or loss of its business or client information could result in a major commercial disaster.

The fundamental aim of ISO 27001 is to protect the information of your organisation from security threats such as: viral attack, misuse, theft, vandalism/ terrorism and fire.

ISO 27001 quickly produces a return on investment, giving you thorough guidance on complying to regulatory and contractual requirements regarding data security, privacy and IT governance. The ISMS encourages the identification and classification of the organisations information assets and a systematic risk assessment of threats and vulnerabilities. ISO 27001 provides a framework to assure an organisation that its information security measures are effective.

What are the key benefits to your business?

• Improves and maintains competitive edge.

• Win more business particularly where procurement specifications require higher IT security credentials.

• Compliance with legal, statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements.

• Provide assurance to stakeholders, such as clients and shareholders.

• Business continuity is assured through management of risk, security issues and concerns.


The ISO COMPLIANCE approach is based on a key set of principles in order to create balanced and sustained results for our clients:

• Fixed fee: ISO COMPLIANCE ISO implementation is priced at a fixed rate from day one. No hidden charges, no unexpected invoices.

• Flexible implementation: Designed to fit around your business requirement and schedule.

What should a 27001 compliant ISMS consist of?

• Expertise: All ISO COMPLIANCE Consultants are successfully trained to the highest standard by a or approved training body (ie. BSI or PECB) & have earned a reputation of integrity for contributing value & best practice. ISO COMPLIANCE guarantees that your Consultant & Assessor will be highly qualified & trained to assist & audit your business to ISO certification.

• Full service: ISO COMPLIANCE offers full implementation; we will produce the manuals and make the process as simple as possible by improving the systems already in place.

Managing Multiple Compliances with ISO 27001

Training: ISO COMPLIANCE offer training to supplement your ISO; training with ISO COMPLIANCE is flexible and delivered by experienced ISO COMPLIANCE Trainers.


ISO 27001 – Earn high respect with low risk information security